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Auto parts enterprises need to transition to achieve new development

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Company News
Auto parts enterprises need to transition to achieve new development
Latest company news about Auto parts enterprises need to transition to achieve new development

Hope that China's auto parts enterprises will keep on transformation, to stop working for others.This is the automotive industry, a senior expert;China's auto industry advisory committee kwang-tzuu Chen in an interview and earnest expression.Indeed, in 2009 China's auto industry is very outstanding achievements.Also, as many experts said, in 2009 China automobile industry surrendered a very satisfactory answer.However, the independent innovation of China's auto parts enterprises or very few, so there will be a old experts sent to stop working for others.

It is understood that at present there are more than forty thousand parts enterprises in China, there are more than thirty thousand for after-sales service, is another part of high-grade service for OEM or for export.But according to statistics, only less than a m.According to the China association of automobile manufacturers, car ownership in China in 2010 will continue to increase, increases to fifteen million or so.Predictable market is very big, also marks the prelude to China's automobile and parts companies are also has the very big development space.According to the domestic auto industry, according to senior experts in 2010, the Chinese auto industry and put forward the higher goal, or will be in ten years or more time to get the direction of China from a big manufacturing industry power.And the emergence of new energy vehicles for the Chinese automobile industry provides a great opportunity, and in the future development efforts for the promotion of new energy vehicles in the country will continue to strengthen, the auto parts industry will also usher in a new development, new demand growth.

China's automobile and parts enterprises must adhere to independent innovation, technical comprehensive this sentence is to catch up with other countries have long been related departments and associations, experts encourage enterprises to a claim, indeed, China's automobile and parts enterprises need innovation, China's auto industry has immeasurable market, has great potential for development, the real Numbers also let we feel its infinite development space.In 2010, China's automotive industry will have a 10 to 20 years of steady growth, but from the point of the present situation, from two aspects of technology and market, China's auto parts enterprises, automobile interior trim is still a long way to go, is full of challenges, but full of hope.

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